Yellowhouse & Add

Project Manager
Scott Fraser 

Ronnie Finley 

Scott Fraser/H3 Design
Tracy Henson

CSSC Midland, LLC
Blaine Covington

December 2019
7 Months 

Originally we built this building as a design build lease facility on 12 Acres for CSSC Midland, LLC and a design build lease property, but due to a change in the ownership of the company leasing the facility, it was sold to JKK Properties as a John Deere dealership and was retrofitted while new to accommodate a sales floor and parts warehouse. The original PEMB facility consisted of a design build 25,600 square feet of shop with two 10 ton overhead cranes in tandem and 8400 square feet of finished office including a small lab with a fume hood; the facility is We added a 1950 square foot sales floor with an aluminum clad vestibule and a decorative awning to hide the joined structure and we also added 4970 square feet of conditioned parts warehouse to service the sales floor. We recently completed an additional warehouse to service Internet sales and pickups consisting of 5525 square feet of space plus additional exterior and interior improvements such as adding additional exhaust fans and a clean room with a small overhead crane.