PBT ISD Agricultural Science Barn

Project Manager 
Eric Hamilton

Ronnie Kibler

VLK Architects (Alex Menard)


Fletco Construction recently completed a cutting-edge agricultural facility for PBT-ISD, featuring state-of-the-art amenities tailored to enhance productivity and learning. Valued at $4.9 million, the 13,375 square foot facility boasts automated watering systems for pens, along with animal showers equipped with hot and cold water for optimal care. Additionally, the facility includes a modern learning center complete with high-tech interactive displays and Wi-Fi connectivity, fostering a dynamic educational environment. Expansive grazing areas provide ample space for animals to bask in the sun and exercise, ensuring their well-being. This project stands as a testament to Fletco Construction’s commitment to innovation and excellence in construction for the benefit of PBT-ISD and its community.