Fort Stockton FBO

Project Manager
Eric Hamilton

Tess Tessendorf

Pecos County

Pecos County Fixed Base Operator or FBO for short is located at the Pecos County Airport 1st established by the U.S. Military Army Air Corps in 1942.

After WWIl it was turned over to the county of Pecos and only received Minor changes and upgrades until 2022 when Pecos County, JSA

Architects and Fletco Construction worked together to modernize and improve the FBO. The original building was completely removed due to age and has since been replaced by an almost 5000 square foot modern facility with conference room, lounges, and vending. It is a respite for wary travelers flying in from all over while refueling or conducting business in ort Stockton. The overall project took about 1 year to complete and stands to serve the community of Fort Stockton and surrounding areas for decades to come.