Construction Management

This is the process of coordinating, monitoring, and controlling of a construction project. This service represents the best interests of the owner throughout the building process. Furthermore, a Construction Manager (CM) works alongside the owner’s architect and other consultants to ensure the developing plans are reviewed for cost, content, and constructability. This is a good approach if the client wants diverse assistance from architect and construction experts.

Construction Management at Risk

This approach is a fantastic way to manage the overall project risk with professional advice every step of the way. A Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) in the public sector allows you to gain the benefits of a trusted construction manager that is responsible for the contract. Conversely, private businesses can obtain similar results by completing a Preconstruction Consulting agreement followed by a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract.

Design Build

This is Fletco’s most sought after service! Design Build is a great way for owners who already have a relationship with a builder or contractor. The General Contractor undertakes responsibility to the owner for both design and construction of the project. In the initial agreement, our General Contractor develops the design and/ or scope of the project with the Owner through Design Documents before completing the project estimate, schedule, and final construction contract. Incorporating the two functions into one contract, produces efficiencies which tends to reduce costs, shorten schedules, and improve overall project value. Additionally, with only one contract, the owner has a single source of responsibility. 

General Contracting

Commonly known as the “hard bid” because this service comes from a competitive bidding process, where the project owner and architect collaborate on the design and complete plans, with no input from a General Contractor, and release their request for proposal to a select group of General Contractors or for Public Bid. The project is then competitively bid amongst other General Contractors and the General Contractor with the lowest bid is then awarded the contract. An unfortunate side effect of this process occurs through potential oversights during plan development that are discovered in the bidding process and can add cost or even send the proposals over budget and back to the drawing board. Hard bids are reliant on the owner’s relationship with their architects and is the most contentious form of bidding from a General Contractor’s perspective.