Fletch Smith

Fletch and his wife Taryn Smith, founded Fletco Construction in 2009. Fletch is an entrepreneur who has grown many businesses from zero to multi-million-dollar operations. He started this company with a vision on simplifying the construction process by providing his customers with a turn-key option that takes out all the guess work and ultimately leaves his customers with a structure they love. As the CEO, Fletch, provides vision and direction for his team of professionals at Fletco Construction.

Taryn Smith

Alongside her husband, Fletch Smith, Taryn founded Fletco Construction in 2009. Skilled in management, accounting, and finance operations, Taryn leads as our CFO. Her overall knowledge and familiarity in the construction industry means she can provide viable recommendations and deliver technical solutions by thinking quick on her feet. Taryn is also a real estate broker. She graduated from The University of Texas at Permian Basin with a Bachelor of Business.

Scott Fraser

Getting his start early in construction has made Scott incredibly resourceful, and experienced. He has held various positions throughout his career including Estimator, Designer, Project Manager, Operations Manager and now, COO at Fletco Construction since 2015. His proven leadership skills, strategic thinking, business acumen and creativity has been integral to the success of each project. He is a graduate of The University of Texas at Permian Basin and served in The United Sates Navy as a machinist. 

David Brannom

Dave has held a Certified Public Accounting Certificate issued by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy since September 1984. He has practiced public accounting in several regional firms, operated his own consulting business and held positions in publicly traded and privately held companies over his career. He has worked with companies whose gross annual revenues have ranged from zero to $22 billion dollars. Dave currently is the Accounts Controller for Fletco Construction.

Ed Martinez

Edward comes to Fletco with extensive experience in project and business management including proposal development, contract negotiation and management of project operations. His area of specialties include project management, planning, engineering, procurement and systems completion. His unique experience brings an insight to the most effective execution strategies to repeatedly achieve project and business objectives. 

Ronnie Finley

Ronnie has over 45 years of experience in the construction industry. He spent much of his career as the owner and operator of his company RWF Construction, specializing as a Steel Erector for conventional, tilt wall, and metal building structures. He now serves as our Operations Manager in Midland, TX. Ronnie has extensive experience in ground-up projects, notably, Lake View High School, First Baptist Church in San Angelo and Midland, TX, and large retail buildings such as Home Depot, HEB, Albertsons, and Staples to name a few. His impeccable attention to detail, resourcefulness, and leadership goes hand in hand with any type of general construction.

Brett Hazenstab

With a vast set of knowledge and skills in all areas of the construction industry, Brett works as our Project Manager. Brett has extensive experience working with clients to ensure the project occurs according to schedule and within budgetary guidelines without sacrificing quality. Additionally, working in construction for 27 years has provided Brett with impeccable attention to detail and proficiency with blueprints and spec books.

Ross Groening

With a record of success, overseeing all phases of construction and development, Ross works as Supervisor. His experience includes project design, planning and scheduling to ensure projects occur on-time and on-budget while meeting high quality standards. With just over 22 years working in the construction industry, Ross comes with an extensive experience in multimillion-dollar commercial and residential construction.

Rick Carey

Project Manager Rick Carey has overseen and supervised a wide range of construction projects, including commercial and multifamily. He has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, and he is well-versed in all construction methodologies and procedures. He is responsible for managing daily quality control activities – working directly with government agencies, design build teams, and subcontractors to ensure projects are constructed in accordance with the established contract standards and requirements, and are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Izzy Valenzuela

Dependable and experienced in all facets of the construction industry, Izzy works as our Project Manager. With a career in customer service and management in this industry, Izzy has proven in delivering technical solutions and collaborating with clients and engineers to update project developments. He has also been successful in completing project phases within budgeted time and cost constraints. Izzy holds an MBA from The University of Texas at Permian Basin.