AA – Administrative Assistant (Entry Level Accountant)

The requirements listed below are minimum requirements and responsibilities for the Administrative Assistant at The FLETCO Group of companies.

The Administrative Assistant (AA) is a vital role for FLETCO’s Team as it helps tie all the components of our company together by supporting both, management and the executive staff, and must have good written and verbal communication skills, be dependable, detailed oriented, and have good decision-making skills. 

The ideal AA will be given random and repetitive tasks to complete and should be able to work independently to complete those tasks with minimal supervision. They must be organized, flexible, and able to uphold the vision and goals of FLETCO Construction in every aspect of their work. 


  1. A good working knowledge of the accounts payable process. This includes both physical invoices received via mail and invoices received through an invoice email account.
  2. A strong knowledge of the QuickBooks online accounts payable process.
  3. Intermediate abilities in the Microsoft Office Suite programs.


  1. Work from 8:00am to 5:00pm.
  2. Answer incoming phone calls.
  3. Enter Accounts Payable transactions in a timely fashion.
  4. Prepare checks for signature with supporting documentation.
  5. Prepare an Excel cash spending report and send to the CFO and Accounts Controller after each check run.
  6. Run deposits to the bank, take mail to the post office and other errands as needed.
  7. Other duties as requested by your supervisor


            This position reports directly to the Accounts Controller.